I teach or have taught the following subjects in the School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne:

On some years, I am more involved with subject assessment designs and marking. Usually I only help run tutorials and help out students with questions.

I am an open book and open to criticism, here’s what my students have had to say about me:

COMP30023 Computer Systems

COMP90043 Cryptography and Security

Funnily, I have only received most of the written comments (which are optional) on my teaching for COMP30023 Computer Systems.

If you’re a student enrolled in my class, I encourage you to write to me if you have suggestions for me to improve your learning outcome. If you prefer to communicate anonymously, you can use a pseudonym to talk to me on IRC; otherwise send me an email with an anonymous email service. I also encourage you to write something in the end-of-semester survey so I can add to this long list of things students have said about my teaching. They are much more interesting to me than a set of useless numbers.