Renlord Yang


(Last Updated: 5 September 2022)

I am a Software Engineer in Apple, Singapore 🇸🇬

Previously, I worked as a Systems Reliability Engineer in Cloudflare, Singapore. Before that, I lived in Melbourne, Australia, worked as a casual tutor at the University of Melbourne and a graduate research student.

My interest lies in decentralised systems, performance optimisation, automation, mobile operating systems and more broadly, security and privacy. I like systems running as efficiently as possible with minimal resource utilisation.

In my spare time, I maintain and tinker with a privately run homelab at home.

Open Source Contributions

I have made open-source contributions to the following projects:



Unpublished Manuscript


Short/Quick About Me

$ curl -I -L -s | grep ^x-

Social Media sites are not good places to know more about me