CopperheadOS Bogus Legal Threat


A few months ago I received legal threats from CopperheadOS alledging that I have infringed their copyright when I’ve personally made contributions to the Graphene OS project. These accusations are invalid and have no legal basis whatsoever as the copyright of the cited code belongs to Daniel Micay who is the project owner of Graphene OS.

I have released these legal letters (sent to both myself personally and my academic institution, The University of Melbourne) in the public domain. As to the accusation of my usage of University resources and breach of the Acceptable IT Policy, this is completely unfounded and untrue. My contributions to Graphene OS are authored on my personal devices, in fact I was on leave of absence during the alledged contribution period. All of these can be verified against university records.

My hope is that the open source community and interested third parties will call out this toxic behaviour and ask that Copperhead OS cease their invalid actions immediately.